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Aug 27 2015

DEA registration holders: Sign up for access to the state’s CSRS today

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According to the administrators of the state-run NC Controlled Substances Reporting System (CSRS), less than half of in-state licensees with a DEA registration are registered to use the statewide database of opioid prescription information. The CSRS maintains a searchable record of every controlled substance dispensed in NC outpatient settings. Routine use of the system to monitor patient use of controlled substances can help licensees avoid prescribing to drug-seeking patients.

Increasing the number of registered CSRS users remains an important goal in addressing the serious problems associated with prescription drug abuse/diversion and avoiding mandatory registration. To encourage additional registrations, the Board voted at its July meeting to add a question to the online license renewal form that will ask whether the licensee is registered with the CSRS. If not, the form will provide the licensee with a link to a pre-populated registration form. This change will take several months to implement.

In the meantime, licensees can register for access to the CSRS via the NCMB’s website. To do this, licensees must log in to update their licensee information. Follow the instructions in the accompanying box and complete your registration today. The NCMB recommends that all licensees authorized to prescribe controlled substances register for access to the CSRS. Only registered users may access the system’s data.

Register for the NC CSRS through the NCMB website:

    1. Visit
    2. In the bottom left corner of the Home Page, under “Resources”, click on “Update my licensee information page”
    3. Click on “Update my Info – Online form” (at the right side of the page)
    4. Enter FileID# and date of birth. If you do not have your FileID# click the Recover FileID button for an alternate means of login.
    5. Select “Training & CSRS” from the menu options and scroll to the bottom of the page to begin CSRS registration.

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Was the CSRS question added to the online license renewal form, along with the link to the pre-populated registration form? If so, has this strategy increased the percentage of CSRS registered in-state licensees? This was a good idea.

By Donald McDonald on Feb 13, 2016 at 8:52pm
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