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May 2 2013

ENTER NOW and win!

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Win a chance to be featured in an upcoming NCMB campaign with the Licensee Information Challenge.

The NCMB challenges licensees to make the most of their Licensee Information pages by providing content for the many optional categories available to them. This information helps patients and others who use the NCMB’s website to look up physicians and physician assistants get a better sense of a licensee’s unique professional background, education and training. Besides, it’s free marketing—why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?

Our goal :
To encourage more licensed physicians and physician assistants to provide optional content for their Licensee Information pages.

How to enter:
Update your Licensee Info Page
Log in and provide content for applicable optional categories (practice philosophy, memberships, languages spoken, etc.) When you have finished entering information, email with your full name and indicate you are entering the contest. Entrants must complete updates by end of business July 1.

Licensed physicians and PAs may enter. You must have an active license, be practicing medicine at least part time and have no history of public discipline for at least 10 years. Information reported in optional Licensee Information categories must be accurate and relevant to each individual category for which information is provided. Winning entries will be determined at the sole discretion of the NCMB’s Public Affairs department.

Depending on the number and quality of entries, the NCMB’s Public Affairs department will select up to 10 licensees, who will be offered the opportunity to be featured in an upcoming NCMB public awareness campaign. Examples of upcoming campaigns include print media/display advertisements, radio spots and/or video public service announcements. Winners will also be featured in the Forum.

Questions ?
Contact Jean Fisher Brinkley, Director, Public Affairs at or 919-326-1109 x230.
Psst. . .We still care about the required information too
North Carolina law requires physicians and physician assistants to state their area of practice. Many licensees responded with enthusiasm and listed multiple areas of practice. Trouble is, nearly 40 percent did not indicate a PRIMARY area of practice as requested. The Board needs licensees to do this to enable the NCMB to accurately measure the number of licensees practicing in each primary AOP.

Make sure we have your primary AOP. Update Licensee Info Page.
Thank you for your help in making the NCMB’s licensee information accurate and complete

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