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Oct 17 2019

FAQs on STOP Act e-prescribing requirement

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NCMB has developed FAQS to address some of the questions licensees and others have raised about soon-to-be-in-effect requirements regardin´╗┐g e-prescribing of Schedule II and Schedule III opioids. The new requirement, which is part of the STOP Act of 2017, will be in effect as of Jan. 1, 2020.

Among the most-asked questions is whether NCMB can assist prescribers who do not currently have e-prescribing capability with finding a solution that complies with the new requirement. NCMB is not able to provide this support. The new FAQs offer some basic information on getting started with identifying a solution.

Find the FAQs on NCMB's STOP Act resource page or access them directly here.

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