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Aug 24 2017

Getting to know the people of the NC Medical Board: Ralph W. Walker, JD

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Image for Getting to know the people of the NC Medical Board: Ralph W. Walker, JD APPOINTED 2014 | RETIRED JUDGE | PUBLIC MEMBER | GREENSBORO, NC

Q: Why did you want to serve on the Medical Board?

A: My friend Judge Jack Lewis served as a public member on the Medical Board for six years (from Nov. 2007 until Oct. 2013). I likewise saw this to be a new challenge and a way to give back to the people of our state.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about your service on the Board?

A: As Board Members we engage in the pursuit of common goals after debate and discussion. I see medical professionals who have erred but who are then able to turn their lives around.

Q: What is the best lesson you have learned from your personal or professional life experiences?

A: As a lawyer and, later, as a judge, I learned to treat people with respect, to be a good listener and to treat everyone on a level playing field.

Q: What has surprised you about serving on the Board?

A: The number and types of issues and cases that come before us and upon which we must make decisions. Also, the amount of preparation required before and during meetings and hearings. It takes many, many hours to do all the reading necessary to participate.

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