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Mar 20 2020

NC calls for physician and PA volunteers to assist with COVID-19 response

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As part of the state's preparedness efforts, Dr. Mandy Cohen, Secretary of the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS), today issued a call for volunteers to bolster the current health care workforce. There will likely be opportunities in the following areas:

* Clinical (physicians, advanced care providers, nurses, EMS)
* Clinical Support (pharmacy, imaging and respiratory care)
* Non-clinical support (facility maintenance, safety, and administrative)

If you are able to volunteer, please register though the NC Training, Exercise, and Response Management System (NC TERMS). That system can be accessed here. Read the letter from Dr. Cohen for detailed instructions.

To support efforts to recruit qualified volunteers, NCMB has created an emergency temporary license application that allows physicians and PAs who inactivated their NC licenses within the past 24 months to quickly return to practice. Access the online application here.

Any physician or PA who is not currently licensed in North Carolina but wishes to volunteer, should submit an emergency license application here.

Physicians and PAs who are 65 or older should review COVID-19 guidance for older adults, who are at greater risk of serious illness. Understand that there are many ways to help, including telehealth opportunities, that minimize the risks to clinicians.

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