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Jun 6 2023

NCMB Legal Department leader selected as CEO

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Photo of Mr. Mansfield
Mr. Mansfield
The North Carolina Medical Board has named Thomas W. Mansfield, JD, as its new Chief Executive Officer. Prior to accepting the position of CEO, Mr. Mansfield served as the organization’s Chief Legal Officer and has led the Legal Department since 2001. Mr. Mansfield was selected by the Board after an extensive executive search in accordance with its bylaws.

“Thom has deep knowledge and experience in medical regulation and is well positioned to make sure the North Carolina Medical Board continues to be a leader in the nation,” said Dr. Michaux Kilpatrick, NCMB President.

“It is an honor to be named as the Chief Executive of the oldest continuously operating medical board in the nation,” Mr. Mansfield said. “Medical regulation is a collaborative process, and I am committed to maintaining that collaboration for the benefit and protection of the people of North Carolina. I look forward to working with the Board members and staff to advance the mission and vision of the North Carolina Medical Board.”

Mr. Mansfield began his role on June 1. He replaces outgoing CEO David Henderson, JD, who announced his plans to retire in fall 2022. NCMB Deputy General Counsel Brian Blankenship has been named Interim Chief Legal Officer.

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Congratulations Tom. I was hoping that the Board would look within and you were my first choice. The NCMB will thrive under your leadership.

By michael norins on Jun 11, 2023 at 12:14pm
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