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Feb 22 2023

New on the podcast: the licensee’s duty to report sexual misconduct to NCMB

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The first 2023 episode of NCMB's podcast, MedBoard Matters, explores a relatively new North Carolina law aimed at increasing reports of professional sexual misconduct to the medical board by licensees.

The law obligates any licensee of the North Carolina Medical Board who is aware that another licensee may have engaged in sexual misconduct with patients to report it to NCMB. Increased reporting allows NCMB to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct and, where appropriate, take action to protect patients from further occurrences.

In this information-packed episode, NCMB's legislative liaisons discuss the lawmaking process that led the NC General Assembly to pass the "Duty to Report" law and NCMB's Deputy General Counsel discusses the Board's experiences with the law thus far, while offering guidance to licensees who may need to make a report. Click below to listen to the podcast.

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