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Feb 28 2019

New resource: Issuing a valid prescription handout

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NCMB, in collaboration with the NC Board of Pharmacy, has developed a new resource to help prescribers ensure that the prescriptions they write are accurate and complete. Unclear, incomplete or illegible prescriptions can cause problems for patients at the pharmacy, resulting in delays to needed treatment.

View the handout

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Need to address electronic prescription errors—I would estimate 1 out of 25 eRx I receive as pharmacist at Walgreens 12728 contain 2 sets of directions. First, the default SIG then period followed by second SIG. ex. “1 q 4 h. 1-2 a 4-6.” I call the office, nurse laughs & says Dr doesn’t know how to erase the first default SIG, please fill Rx with second SIG and nothing gets fixed. Would love for you to look into this—please contact me for examples or more info.

By Pam Garrett on Mar 01, 2019 at 2:53pm
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