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May 2 2013

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The North Carolina Medical Board regularly sends Board Members and staff to speak to and engage with licensees, community organizations and other groups. Here are some of the venues our speakers have visited recently.


American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, Carolinas Chapter
Spring Governing Meeting in Charlotte, NC | March 22-24

Board Member Subhash C. Gumber, MD, a Cary gastroenterologist, and Board President William A. Walker, MD, a Charlotte colorectal surgeon, presented a general overview of the Board and spoke about current and future initiatives.

North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians
Spring Family Physicians Weekend in Greensboro, NC | April 4-7

Board President William A. Walker, MD, presented a talk entitled, “Fear Factor—Myths and Reality about the NC Medical Board.” The talk featured a special emphasis on the Board’s disciplinary work related to inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances and provided practical advice to attendees on avoiding problems.


The Leisurettes, National Association of University Women
Raleigh, NC | February 28 | April 27

Jean Fisher Brinkley, the NCMB’s director of public affairs, presented talks to two Raleigh-area groups, a group of retired teachers, the Leisurettes, and a Raleigh chapter of the NAUW. The talks gave an overview of the NCMB’s mission/duties and emphasized how the Board protects the public.

Citizen Advocacy Center
Public Outreach Meeting in Washington, D.C. | April 9

Dena Konkel, the NCMB’s assistant director of public affairs, presented on the Board’s public outreach efforts. The Citizen Advocacy Center (CAC) is dedicated to improving the efficacy of health regulatory oversight boards by offering training and resources to public members, Board staff and other interested parties.

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