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Nov 13 2015

Readers Survey Results

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Thanks to all Forum readers who took the time to complete our recent content survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

The results indicated that most Forum readers view the newsletter favorably. About 75 percent of survey respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the Forum. About 70 percent of respondents indicated that they like the quarterly publication schedule, though a solid 20 percent indicated that a bimonthly schedule would be welcome. For now, we’ve decided to keep the Forum a quarterly newsletter.

On the content front, readers were clear in indicating a preference for articles that provide information and insight into Board policy, changes to state law and other content that helps licensees stay informed and in compliance with all applicable rules and other standards. We will continue to strive for content that is practical and relevant.

We are beginning the process of redesigning the look and feel of the print and email editions of the Forum. We expect the new version to debut in Spring 2016. One change you will see is the use of NCMB’s new logo (below), which was adopted earlier this year.

Reader feedback is always welcome. Please continue to send comments to the editor at

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