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Oct 17 2019

Recently revised position statements

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NCMB's Policy Committee recently revised two position statements: Physician Scope of Practice and Child Maltreatment.

The Board will accept feedback on the revised position statements before finally approving them.

Visit NCMB's Policy Discussions page to review the revised statements and submit your comments. Comments will be accepted through Oct. 25 (scope of practice) and Nov. 1 (child maltreatment).

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We have been asked to comment on these position statements. Fair enough. However, what actions if any are taken on our comments? I have the sense that the invitation is merely lip service to some requirement and that no action will be taken regardless of what is said. Kindly prove me wrong. Show us evidence of how comments to position statements have altered them. If you want our opinion it is prudent to act, creating a dialogue rather than a sermon. Thank you in advance for your public response.

By Keith Raymond, MD on Oct 18, 2019 at 12:39am

Dr. Raymond - You ask a reasonable question. Let me assure you that the Board does, in fact, consider feedback and often makes changes to policy based on comments received. For instance, the Board’s Policy Committee proposed its position statement on the use of photography in patient care in Spring 2017. The proposed text was published in the Forum and considerable feedback was received. Licensee comments and insights resulted in the Board significantly revising the position statement before its ultimate approval in July 2017. NCMB was so pleased with the licensee participation the Forum published this article:

Any time feedback is requested, comments are considered. The Board does not, of course, adopt every suggestion, but changes are regularly made to policy based on comments received.

By Jean Fisher Brinkley on Oct 18, 2019 at 9:15am
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