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Feb 24 2023

Reminder: NCMB uses email, not snail mail

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Image for Reminder: NCMB uses email, not snail mail As a reminder, NCMB is now a mostly paperless organization and sends communications to licensees – including notice that a complaint has been made against them – by email.

That makes it especially important for licensed medical professionals to have a working email address that they monitor personally on file with the Board. Licensees who do not run the risk of missing important communications, including annual renewal notices and requests for information associated with an investigation.

Over the last few years, NCMB has steadily converted more and more of its work to digital platforms in an effort to become a paperless organization and reduce its environmental footprint. Most paper-based licensee communications stopped nearly three years ago. Nonetheless, NCMB occasionally hears from licensees who have been surprised by the practice, usually because they have missed an important communication from the Board. If NCMB does not receive a response after providing notice of a complaint, a certified letter is sent to the licensee’s address of record. When this happens, it delays the ultimate resolution of the case.

To ensure that NCMB messages reach you, take a moment to ensure your contact information is complete and up to date. Update or verify your information by visiting the Licensure Gateway and follow these steps:

1. Visit NCMB's Licensure Gateway page and login with your username and password (or follow prompts to create these if this is your first visit).

2. Select Practice Address from the bottom left of the home screen. This will open a window that allows you to update both practice and home email addresses and street addresses. Accurate street addresses are needed in the infrequent circumstances when NCMB must send a certified letter.

3. Make changes to contact information, if needed. Click “Apply” at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

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I’m not a fan of paperless and email only practices. Being that this is a professional organization in responsible for the livelihood of its licensees, and that many providers don’t “live and die” by email, many don’t live on their electronic devices daily.  Therefore it’s far too easy to accidentally overlook potentially important emails sent by the NCMB.
Many licensees prefer to hold and read a tangible book as opposed to electronic versions. Many licensees would prefer the “old” standard practice of certified mail, especially considering some relevant information regarding a licensee’s practice. Using a paperless only model potentially sets licensees up for failure.

By Michael Winn on Feb 25, 2023 at 11:18am
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