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May 10 2009

Stay informed about H1N1 influenza

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Image for Stay informed about H1N1 influenza The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has established an extensive collection of resources and information on novel H1N1 influenza - formerly referred to as "swine flu" - activity in the United States at

The site includes a running tally of novel H1N1 flu cases and deaths in the U.S., as well as clinical guidelines for managing infection in specific populations. As of June 4, there were 35 confirmed cases in North Carolina, according to the NC Division of Public Health.

Clinicians likely will continue to get questions about novel H1N1 influenza from their patients. The CDC information page includes a number of resources that may be distributed to patients or other lay people, such as guidelines on caring for a sick person in your home.

CDC is updating its novel H1N1 influenza site regularly. To make sure you have the latest information, sign up for an RSS feed from CDC or enroll in the agency's email notifications at

Other resources:
The North Carolina Medical Society is providing regular updates on novel H1N1 influenza on its blog, Doctor to Doctor, and elsewhere on its web site,

The medical society site includes updates from CDC, World Health Organization and the NC Division of Public Health, among other sources. All novel H1N1 influenza content is available to visitors regardless of whether they are members of the medical society.

Visit the NC Medical Society blog at:

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