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Mar 12 2018

STOP Act notice now available in Spanish!

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Image for STOP Act notice now available in Spanish! NCMB has created a Spanish language version of its printable patient notice on the acute pain prescribing limits that took effect Jan. 1. The Board first distributed the notice to email readers of the Forum in January, along with information about the limits, which are imposed by the STOP Act of 2017.

Licensees are invited to download the notice, which can be used to inform patients about the limits. The idea for this resource originated with a request from a medical practice that contacted NCMB to ask if the Board had prepared anything to help licensees explain the new prescribing limits to patients.

Find English and Spanish versions of the notice at under “NC's new opioids law - the STOP Act”. NOTE: Licensees who practice in settings that provide care on demand (such as emergency rooms) are urged to seek legal advice before posting the notice to ensure compliance with federal EMTALA laws.

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