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Aug 27 2015

The NCMB has a new website!

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The new site, which launched in June, was redesigned with two main goals in mind. First, the new site is mobile optimized to give visitors who browse on a smartphone or tablet a better user experience. We hope users enjoy this flexibility. Second, the Board has worked to simplify the site navigation to make it easier for visitors to access the most-used content. In order to accomplish this, the Board consolidated and reorganized much of the site content.

In the interest of helping licensees get to know the new site, here are some quick tips on finding the most used content:
    1. Annual renewal: Every physician and physician assistant licensee visits the NCMB’s website at least once a year to renew. Many access the site directly from their emailed renewal notification, but it’s easy to find on the website should the need arise. Go to the bottom center of the Home Page and find “Renew my license” under “Resources”.

    2. Licensee search: Find this right at the middle of the screen. Click on the navy blue band with white lettering – Look up a licensee – Start Search – to look up any licensee.

    3. Name/address change: Licensees are required to keep a current practice address and telephone number on file with the Board, as well as an accurate legal name. There are two ways to access the online form used to update licensee information from the Home Page. Go to the bottom left corner of the Home Page and select either “Change my name or home/practice address” or “Update my licensee information page.”

    4. (Almost) everything else: From NCMB Position Statements to Board Meeting and Hearing Schedules to the most recent Public Board Actions, the most used content on the NCMB’s website can be accessed from the three columns of quick links at the bottom of the Home Page.

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