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Jun 8 2016

TRENDING AT NCMB: Responsible opioid prescribing

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How best to encourage the safe and appropriate use of opioids for the treatment of pain is without question the hottest topic currently under discussion here at NCMB.

In this issue, read the latest news about NCMB’s plans to pursue rule changes that would require physicians and PAs to complete continuing medical education in chronic pain management and related topics. The proposed requirement was set in motion by a 2015-2016 state budget provision that called on all relevant regulatory boards and agencies to require CME in controlled substances prescribing, and it has spurred mixed reactions. However, a majority of Board Members believe that all prescribers will benefit from a good understanding of the responsible use of opiates for the treatment of pain and related issues such as the potential for abuse or diversion and the risks of patient harm or death.

Another recent development in NCMB’s work in responsible opioid prescribing is the new Safe Opioid Prescribing Initiative. This investigative program, which concentrates on licensees with multiple patient deaths due to opioid poisoning as well as licensees who are managing large numbers of patients on high dose, high volume opioid regimens, was established in April. NCMB has received feedback, from patients and prescribers, that suggests many are confused about the Board’s objectives and expectations for licensees. Read the article for some important clarifications.

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