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Mar 12 2018

Wait a minute, I don’t supervise that NP or PA anymore…

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One of the most frequent inquiries NCMB gets is how a physician can remove a nurse practitioner or PA the physician no longer supervises from his or her licensee information page on the Board’s website. Former PA supervisees can be removed by emailing a request to .

NPs are licensed by the NC Board of Nursing and can only be removed by that agency. If you see a former NP still listed on your online NCMB licensee information page, email dwilliams@ncbon. to let them know you no longer supervise the NP and would like them removed as an active supervisee. NCBON will notify the Board, which can then delete the NP from the physician’s NCMB page.

TIP: It is the responsibility of the PA or NP to remove former supervisors by notifying the appropriate licensing board when they change supervisors. When ending a supervisory relationship, remind the PA or NP of this. PAs can remove old supervisors by going
here, logging in and submitting an Intent to Practice form.

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