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Mar 1 2017

Board updates committee name

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The Board voted in January to accept the Allied Health Commit-tee’s recommendation to change its name to Advanced Practice Providers and Allied Health Committee (APPAHC).

The committee is responsible for reviewing matters involving phy-sician assistants, nurse practi-tioners, midwives, clinical phar-macist practitioners, emergency medical service (EMS) providers, anesthesiologist assistants and perfusionists who are regulated, directly or indirectly, by NCMB. The Committee also handles mat-ters related to polysomnographic technologists or “sleep techs”. Sleep techs are not licensed by the Board but are required to reg-ister with NCMB annually.

The name change more accurate-ly reflects the range of medical professionals who fall under the scope of the committee’s work. The APPAHC meets during each Board Meeting.

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