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Nov 18 2016

Did you know? Hospital privilege law change

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Hospitals and health care organizations are no longer required by law to report ANY privilege actions taken against a physician related to failure to complete medical records in a timely manner.

During its most recent session, the NC General Assembly passed House Bill 728, now Session Law 2016-117, which included language eliminating the requirement to report such actions. This change was based on feedback from hospitals and is in part due to lack of helpful information produced for the Board. Previously, hospitals and health care organizations were required by NCGS 90 -14.13(a1) (1) to report privilege actions related to delinquent medical records when a physician received three such actions within a calendar year.

As enacted, the law now reads:
"A hospital is not required to report: (1) The suspension or limita­tion of a physician's privileges for failure to timely complete medical records."

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