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Aug 24 2017

Trending Topic: Documenting compliance with the new CS CME requirement

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Now that the new continuing medical education (CME) requirement for controlled substances prescribers is in effect, NCMB is receiving regular inquiries from licensees asking what they should do to notify the Board of their compliance.

The short answer is: nothing. NCMB is handling the new controlled substances CME (CS CME) requirement the same way it handles its general CME requirement. Licensees should complete the required CME and retain records of the courses they have completed. If selected for a compliance audit, the licensee will be asked to show documentation of courses completed at that time. The Board recommends retaining CME records for six years.

The annual license renewal questionnaire has been updated to include information about the new CS CME requirement. A licensee who prescribes controlled substances should check the box that they prescribe, and that they understand they are responsible for completing the required CME. A licensee who
does not prescribe controlled substances will check a box to notify the Board.

CS CME: the Basics
What is required? Physicians must earn three hours of controlled substances CME every three years; PAs must earn two hours every two years.

Who must comply? Licensees who prescribe controlled substances of any kind

When did this go into effect? July 1, 2017

When is the CME due? By the end of the current CME cycle (for cycles ending on or after July 1)

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