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Jun 1 2017

Durham PA appointed to NCMB

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Image for Durham PA appointed to NCMB Ms. Varnell McDonald-Fletcher, PA-C, was appointed by Gov. Roy Cooper to fill the Board Member seat dedicated to a physician assistant member, effective March 6.

Ms. McDonald-Fletcher is a surgical physician assistant (PA) specializing in colorectal surgery. She currently practices at the VA Hospital in Durham, where she has both clinical and administrative responsibilities. Ms. McDonald-Fletcher is also a physician assistant educator who has served as a guest lecturer with the Duke University Physician Assistant Program. Her prior clinical experience includes neurosurgery, orthopedics, neuro-oncology and pain management.

Ms. McDonald-Fletcher completed training as a PA at Duke University, where she also earned a Master’s degree in Health Sciences. Ms. McDonald-Fletcher went on to achieve certification in surgery after completing a residency with Norwalk Hospital/Yale University’s PA Surgical Residency program. Most recently, Ms. McDonald-Fletcher earned a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Health Occupations Education, from North Carolina State University. She also completed a teaching fellowship with the Duke University Physician Assistant Program.

Ms. McDonald-Fletcher is a member of the North Carolina Medical Society, where she serves on the Education Committee, and is a recent former board member of the National Commission on Physician Assistant Certification, ending her term in 2016.

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