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Jun 1 2017

Enhancing your licensee information page: add a “practice philosophy”

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Every physician and physician assistant who holds an active NC license has an individual information page accessible via the Board’s website. These pages include a variety of information that must be posted under NC law, including but not limited to name, license issue date, licensure status, current practice address, medical education and postgraduate training information. NCMB encourages licensees to supplement their information pages with optional content to make the pages more useful to current and prospective patients and to others, such as referring physicians or health care organizations.

One category of optional information that, anecdotally, NCMB knows to be popular among patients who view licensee information pages is “practice philosophy.” It is also one of the categories of optional information least used by licensees. Practice philosophy is a way for licensees to communicate their basic approach to medicine to the public. Here are a couple of examples:
“I employ a team based approach to my Emergency Medicine practice working with physician extenders and nursing staff to provide emergency and acute medical care at several area hospitals…”

“I treat a significant number of patients with painful spinal conditions. I emphasize conservative treatment of these conditions using medications, physical therapy, and spinal injections…”

Ready to add a practice philosophy to your page? Click here!

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