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Jun 11 2014

NCMB, individual staff members win accolades

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The NCMB and two Board staff members were honored recently by the Administrators In Medicine (AIM) – the national professional organization for medical board executives and staff.

The Board won a “Best in Boards” award for consumer resources developed by the NCMB’s Public Affairs Department. The entry included a downloadable brochure that describes the NCMB’s complaint process and other resources available to patients and the public, as well as an online tutorial that offers guidance to individuals who are considering filing a complaint. This campaign was produced entirely in house. View the brochure, “A Consumer’s Guide to the NC Medical Board” here and view the online tutorial here. The tutorial will begin playing automatically so be sure that the computer’s speakers are turned on and up to hear the audio.

AIM also awarded Don Pittman, a Senior Investigator with the NCMB, with the 2014 Ronald K. Williamson Memorial Award for Board Investigators. This award recognizes excellence in the public protection work of board investigators. Pittman joined the staff of the NCMB as an investigator in 1981. Despite the difficult circumstances under which he is typically in contact with licensees, complainants and others involved in disciplinary cases under investigation by the Board, Pittman is known for his professionalism and kindness and has been a frequent recipient of letters of compliment during his years at the Board.

Thom Mansfield, the Director of the Legal Department, received the John Ulwelling Special Recognition Award from AIM. Mansfield joined the NCMB’s staff in 2001. His advocacy and litigation efforts on behalf of the Board have played an integral role in improving the NCMB’s funding and operations, as well as the laws and rules governing the Medical Board and its work.

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