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Aug 28 2023

NCMB sunsets PA site visit program

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NCMB has decided to discontinue its practice of conducting annual random site visits at physician assistant (PA) practice locations to verify compliance with laws and rules related to PA supervision and practice.

The Advanced Practice Provider and Allied Health Committee (APPAHC) recommended ending the site visit program at NCMB's July Board Meeting, noting that the audit had consistently uncovered only minor administrative issues that were corrected during the audit process. NCMB opened just 12 enforcement cases out of 300 PA site visits conducted since 2010, when the program was established. Just four cases have been opened since 2014.

NCMB will continue to educate PAs and their supervising physicians about their obligations under state law and administrative rules through the Forum newsletter, presentations and other forms of outreach. Find resources and information related to PA practice on NCMB's PA Resources page.

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