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Aug 13 2020

NCMB to launch podcast: Send us your suggestions!

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NCMB is excited to announce that it will launch a podcast, MedBoard Matters, in September. We hope this new project will help us with one of NCMB’s main communications goals: to be a resource for both the profession and the public.

MedBoard Matters will highlight important issues in medicine and medical regulation. Our goal is to present compelling content in a easy-to-digest and enjoyable format. We are excited about this new platform and we hope that you, our licensees, will be interested in listening! Look for specific information on how to listen in the next issue of the Forum.

If you have questions you have always wanted to ask the Board, or if you have ideas for specific topics you would like to see NCMB present in its podcast, we would love to hear from you! Send your suggestions and questions to

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