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Jun 30 2022

NCMB’s offices in Raleigh are now open to the public

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NCMB's offices at 3127 Smoketree Court in Raleigh are now open to visitors, ending a more than two-year period during which the office was closed to the public to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This means that members of the public may resume attending public portions of Board Meetings and Board Hearings, consistent with the state's Open Meetings law.

Visitors will be expected to sign in upon arrival and may be asked to follow disease control protocols (e.g. masking) if COVID-19 or other infectious disease is circulating widely in the community.

Visitors who come to NCMB's headquarters outside of scheduled public meetings are asked to make an appointment in advance. Prepare for a visit to NCMB's offices here.

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