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Jun 11 2014

New NCMB Annual Report offers more depth

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The North Carolina Medical Board has published its first agency annual report, covering program activities for 2013. This document can be accessed here.

The NCMB has a long history of publishing annual data regarding the public actions taken by the Board each year. The annual report will continue this tradition, while substantially increasing the scope of data released about the Board’s activities. The Board thinks this format offers a more complete summary of its work in a given year.

For example, the new format reports data on complaints and other investigative information received by the Board, data on malpractice reports received by specialty area of practice and information on the number of private actions taken by the Board. The new report also includes information about policy initiatives and licensing program activity, as well as demographic information about the Board’s licensees.

Please take a few minutes to read the 2013 Annual Report. As this is a new publication, the Board is especially interested in receiving feedback on the report, so don’t miss the opportunity to tell us what you think. Send comments via email to

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