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May 25 2010

Past Board president wins national post

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Image for Past Board president wins national post Janelle A. Rhyne, MD, a recent Board member and past Board president, has been voted Chair-Elect of the national Federation of State Medical Boards.

Dr. Rhyne, of Wilmington, NC, was selected as Chair-Elect in April at the FSMB's 98th Annual Meeting in Chicago. As Chair-Elect, she will assist the organization's current Chair with leadership duties over the next year. She will assume the position of Chair during the FSMB's annual meeting in spring of 2011.

"Dr. Rhyne's election is a tremendous honor, both for her personally and for the state of North Carolina," said R. David Henderson, executive director of the NC Medical Board. "Just a handful of North Carolinians have served in this important role since the Federation of State Medical Board’s inception nearly 100 years ago."

The FSMB is a national not-for-profit organization comprised of the 70 state medical boards of the United States and its territories. Its mission is to continually improve the quality, safety and integrity of health care through the development and promotion of high standards for physician licensure and practice.

"The Board and its staff congratulate Dr. Rhyne and know she will represent the public, the profession and the state in an outstanding fashion," Mr. Henderson said.

Dr. Rhyne was appointed to the North Carolina Medical Board in 2003. She served on numerous Board committees and served as the Board's secretary, treasurer and president elect, winning election
as Board president in fall 2007. She completed her service on the Board in October 2009.

"This is a great honor," Dr. Rhyne said of being voted Chair-Elect. "I look forward to continuing to serve at the national level."

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