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Oct 28 2022

Time to prep for the season: NCDHHS warns respiratory bugs on the rise

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State public health officials released guidance for clinicians this week regarding management of respiratory illnesses, including flu, RSV and the common cold, in addition to COVID-19.

The Oct. 26 memo from the NC Department of Health and Human Services was prompted by current disease surveillance information, which shows increased activity among respiratory illnesses other than COVID-19. Meanwhile, COVID-19 also remains active across the state.

NCDHHS Medical Epidemiologist Erica Wilson, MD, MPH, notes in the memo that these data could indicate that North Carolina may be in for an especially rough season.

Read the memo to view guidance on:


Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Rhinoviruses and/or Enteroviruses, including EV-D68


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“Educate your patients on basic protective measures and the importance of staying home when sick.”

Hey, here’s an idea: instead of lecturing our patients to ignore the policies of the people who PAY THEIR WAGES, why don’t we lean on the managers and executives - and the State - to make sure that sick people CAN take a day or two off from work without being docked a day’s pay - or being fired. Not everyone has generous sick leave benefits and union protections.

Or is it sufficient simply to be able to check the box on the EHR: “Patient counseled about staying home when ill”?

By Barry M. Lamont, M.D. on Oct 30, 2022 at 4:37pm
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