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Jun 1 2017

Trending Topic: Checking for accuracy and completeness of online licensee information

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NCMB’s licensee search tool, Look up a doctor or PA, is the most-used resource on the Board’s website.

Since fall 2015, NCMB has conducted random compliance checks to ensure that physicians and PAs accurately report all required information on their NCMB information pages. Here are some highlights of what NCMB has learned to date through these reviews:
    • About six percent of licensees reviewed had incorrect required information (out of date practice address or telephone, inaccurate hospital privileges) that needed to be corrected
    • Up to 80 percent of licensees reviewed currently provide no supplemental content (such as non-English languages spoken or practice philosophy)
    • Between 10 and 20 percent of licensees reviewed provided complete required AND supplemental information

NCMB conducted market research in Fall 2016 that suggests patients value a thorough and accurate information page when reviewing medical professionals’ credentials and experience, including supplemental information such as whether the provider is accepting new patients or participates in Medicare. To encourage more physicians and PAs to maintain a comprehensive profile with NCMB, the Board will add a new screen to the annual renewal questionnaire later this year to allow licensees to add content to their information pages more easily. Please look for this new screen and add information to your profile!

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