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Mar 1 2017

Licensee survey: here’s what you told us

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In October, NCMB sent emails to 10,000 randomly selected licensees requesting their input on topics impacting the practice of medicine, including physician wellness/burnout, longevity in practice, and issues facing employed physicians versus those in private practice. We also shared the survey with several groups to distribute to their members, including NC Medical Society, NC Osteopathic Medical Association, NC Academy of Physician Assistants, and the Old North State Medical Society.

NCMB staff will be working over the next few months to see what else can be gleaned from the data and to determine how representative the information is for physicians and PAs in North Carolina. The Board is grateful to the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and to the NC Physicians Health Program, which have both offered assistance in further analyzing the information. Thank you to all physicians and PAs who participated in the survey! If you have any questions or comments, send them to

1,855 licensees responded, and much of the information provided mirrors national trends. Click "download the pdf" link below to see the licensee survey infographic.

To see the full survey results click here.

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Thanks so much for your timely and thoughtful article. When working with medical students who express concern about all the changes occurring in medicine (or actually the practice of medicine) I remind them that for one, it’s all about the patient.  When you are in a room with a patient, that is where the rewards are.  That is where relationships are forged and that is where you help patients stay healthy and/or heal.  Most of us went into medicine to do just that.  All the other stuff is just noise.  Unfortunately, at times the noise becomes very loud, or even deafening.  It is then that one should step back and reassess the environment that they are practicing in.  I encourage those students to find a practice that “fits” and if the noise gets too loud, seriously consider moving on, but not moving out of medicine.

By Beth S. Rosenberg, MD on Mar 02, 2017 at 3:35pm
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