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May 15 2012

Notice of corporate suspensions

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In April, the North Carolina Medical Board notified the NC Secretary of State’s office that it had suspended 304 Professional Corporations and PLLCs due to failure to renew business registration by Dec. 31, 2011, as required by NC law.

Suspended professional business entities no longer qualify to provide professional services, specifically the practice of medicine, in North Carolina. Reinstatement is required to restore a medical corporation’s professional business status.

To reinstate a business and have the suspension lifted .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)the NCMB’s Corporations Coordinator. Our coordinator will guide you through the process and the fees involved.
  • Businesses that have been suspended for less than one year will be allowed to reinstate by completing the online registration after their file is reopened. Fees will include the past due registration fee plus a $10 late fee.

  • Businesses that have been suspended for more than one year must submit certain notarized statements to recertify and register with NCMB. These businesses are subject to a recertification fee, plus the $10 late fee and a $25 registration fee for each year they failed to register.

You may verify whether a business is in good standing by looking it up on the Secretary of State’s website’s Corporate Search by Name.

Please direct questions concerning the status of a professional business or requests to have a professional business reinstated via email to the NCMB’s Corporations Coordinator.

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