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Jul 20 2011

Office-based procedures position revised

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The NC Medical Board adopted a reorganized and revised version of its position statement entitled, Office-based procedures at its meeting in May.

During its review, the Board’s Policy Committee solicited input from insurance companies and a range of medical specialties including plastic surgery, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology and gastroenterology. Based on the committee’s review and comments received, the statement was reorganized to make it easier to read. In addition, the term “reasonable proximity” was added to the definitions list. Other changes of note include defining 30 minutes as an appropriate distance from a hospital in situations when a licensee must arrange for emergency transfer of a patient during a procedure.

Also at the May meeting, the Board reviewed and accepted, without changes, the position statement entitled, Sale of goods from physician offices.

The Policy Committee discusses position statements in public sessions during regularly scheduled Board meetings. Access the full text of the position statements.

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