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Our videos cover a variety of NCMB topics and help the viewer better navigate some of the many services that NCMB offers healthcare consumers of North Carolina.

Introduction to the North Carolina Medical Board

Learn more about how the North Carolina Medical Board protects healthcare consumers of North Carolina through licensing, regulation, and policy making.

Posted April 12, 2021
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The Power of Touch

Medical professionals are trained to use a variety of hands-on techniques during physical examinations. Learn about the four common examination techniques in this video.

Posted January 5, 2021
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Undergoing A Physical Examination Your Rights

Patients have the right to be treated with respect and sensitivity due to the vulnerable position they are in when undergoing a physical examination. Learn more about what that means in this short video.

Posted January 4, 2021
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Know the Signs of Sexual Misconduct

It is inappropriate and unethical for a medical professional to initiate sexual contact under the pretext of providing medical care. Learn how to protect yourself and recognize signs of misconduct in this short video.

Posted January 3, 2021
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Filing a Complaint with the NCMB

This decision guide is designed to help consumers decide whether to file a complaint.

Posted November 26, 2019
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2019 NCMB Annual Report

The Annual Report presents a summary of the Board’s activities for the previous year including demographic information about licensees, information about complaints received and investigations conducted, data about public and private actions by the Board and a summary of significant policy initiatives for the year.

Posted April 28, 2019
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