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Healthcare facilities

State law requires hospitals and other health care organizations to make a report to the Board when they act to limit, suspend or revoke a licensee’s clinical privileges for cause. Specifically, healthcare facilities are required to report, within 30 days of the effective date of the action, the following:

  • A summary revocation, summary suspension, or summary limitation of privileges, regardless of whether the action has been finally determined.
  • A revocation, suspension, or limitation of privileges that has been finally determined by the governing body of the institution.
  • A resignation from practice or voluntary reduction of privileges, if the resignation is made under threat of investigation/disciplinary action or pending investigation/disciplinary action.

Healthcare facilities are NOT required to report:

  • The suspension or limitation of a physician’s privileges for failure to timely complete medical records.
  • A resignation from practice due solely to the physician’s completion of a medical residency, internship, or fellowship.

The Board accepts change in staff privilege (CISP) reports via its web site. Click on “Start CISP Report” to the right to begin the reporting process.