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Mar 31 2020

Curbing inappropriate prescribing for COVID-19

The North Carolina Medical Board has adopted emergency rules restricting “preemptive” prescribing of chloroquine and several other medications for a possible future COVID-19 illness.

NC Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy Cohen, MD, requested that NCMB and the NC Board of Pharmacy adopt the rules after receiving reports of inappropriate prescribing. This measure is intended to alleviate shortages and preserve the state’s supply for patients who need them.

The emergency rules restrict the use of specific drugs as a preventative treatment for COVID-19 but does not prohibit their use for a patient diagnosed with the illness.

The seven drugs include:

o Hydroxychloroquine;
o Chloroquine;
o Lopinavir-ritonavir;
o Ribavirin;
o Oseltamivir;
o Darunavir; and
o Azithromycin.

NCMB previously sent a letter to physicians and PAs across the state raising awareness of the issue.