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The reading room includes articles and videos of potential interest to consumers and medical professionals. The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the NC Medical Board, its members and staff.

In ‘Dopamine Nation,’ overabundance keeps us craving more

August 25, 2021


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Will pandemic fatigue change how we process disasters?

The Atlantic
August 22, 2021
Last week, the psychologist Steven Taylor was at a socially distanced get-together with some relatives and their friends when the conversation turned to the chaos in Afghanistan. Someone mentioned the sickening footage of desperate Afghans clinging to American military aircraft as they departed. Then one man made a remark that caught Taylor off guard: The videos, he said, were funny. Others agreed.

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What’s safe to do during summer’s Covid surge?

August 17, 2021
With Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations spiking around the country, dreams of a summer like those many us had in mind just a short time ago have faded. The fully vaccinated have been told to resume wearing masks indoors. Companies and institutions are leveling vaccine mandates. And some municipalities are requiring people to show proof of vaccination to get into restaurants, bars, and gyms.

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How the pandemic laid bare America’s diabetes crisis

August 12, 2021
It took the deadly disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic to expose a deeper, more intractable U.S. public-health crisis: For more than a decade, the world’s richest nation has been losing the battle against diabetes. Long before the pandemic, Kate Herrin was among the millions of Americans struggling to control their diabetes.

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A snort or a jab? Scientists debate potential benefits of intranasal Covid-19 vaccines

August 10, 2021
As the world amasses experience with Covid-19 vaccines, something we should have known from the start is coming into sharp focus. Vaccines that are injected into arm muscles aren’t likely to be able to protect our nasal passages from marauding SARS-CoV-2 viruses for very long, even if they are doing a terrific job protecting lungs from the virus. If we want vaccines that protect our upper respiratory tracts, we may need products that are administered in the nose — intranasal vaccines.

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Why is Delta such a big deal? And other burning questions about the next phase of the Covid-19 pandemic

July 23, 2021
In the United States, where the variant is estimated to be causing more than 4 out of 5 new infections, largely among the unvaccinated, the outbreaks in places like Arkansas and Missouri have once again placed health systems under stress. They’ve also led to more questions about whether Delta even poses a threat to people who are vaccinated and complicated the discussion about what precautions schools need to reopen fully in the fall.

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