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Vaccines seem to work well against coronavirus variants. It’s also complicated

May 13, 2021
The question about how Covid-19 vaccines stand up to coronavirus variants often gets distilled to: Do they work? The simplest answer is yes. People who’ve received one of the highly powerful vaccines don’t need to be too worried about the variants for now, experts say. But the complete answer is more complicated.

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Can we spread COVID after vaccination?

Medpage Today
May 12, 2021

Wear your mask. Or, don’t wear your mask if you are vaccinated, as long as you are outside. But, keep masking and social distancing inside even if you are vaccinated. It’s confusing to many.

Vaccines have been proven to prevent serious infection, and studies that show a reduction in transmission are building, but they aren’t foolproof. A recent study by Public Health England found that a single dose of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or AstraZeneca vaccine reduced household transmission by up to half. Those both require two doses to be considered “fully vaccinated.” The study comes as we hear more about breakthrough COVID cases.

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This is your brain under anesthesia

May 11, 2021
When you are awake, your neurons talk to each other by tuning into the same electrical impulse frequencies. One set might be operating in unison at 10 hertz, while another might synchronize at 30 hertz. When you are under anesthesia, this complicated hubbub collapses into a more uniform hum. The neurons are still firing, but the signal loses its complexity.

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Sugary drinks may double bowel cancer risk in women under 50

Medical News Today
May 9, 2021
New research has found some intriguing links between sugary drink consumption and the risk of bowel cancer in women.

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How have COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns affected our immune systems?

Medical News Today
May 2, 2021
The world is more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, so many people have been living with lockdown restrictions, quarantine periods, and physical distancing for an extended period of time. Hand sanitizer and masks are rife, and the common cold has not felt so common. But what will these lifestyle changes do to our health?

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Long COVID and children: The unseen casualties of COVID-19

Medical News Today
April 29, 2021
Since children appear to be less at risk of severe COVID-19 than adults, those who do develop the disease may not receive as much attention from researchers and the media. Yet some of these children have become “long haulers” who experience symptoms months after they first contracted SARS-CoV-2.

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