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Dec 31 2008

Renewing your license online: It’s never been easier

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The North Carolina Medical Board is continuing to improve the annual renewal process to make it faster and easier for physicians and physician assistants to renew their licenses online.

Beginning in May 2009, all licensees must use the online portal to renew. Most licensees – about 92 percent – already use the secure, Web-based system. The whole process takes 10 to 15 minutes and licensees pay their annual renewal fee by credit card.

Recent enhancements to the online renewal process include emailing physicians and physician assistants electronic copies of the renewal receipt and certificate. Licensees may store these documents on their computer and print them at any time. (If you do not receive the automated emails from the Board, please be sure to check your SPAM or junk mail folder before contacting us).

The Board also has made it easier for MD/DO licensees to track continuing medical education. The improved CME page lets licensees see how many hours have been entered for the current three-year block and also indicates what year of the reporting period they are in.

Several additional improvements to the online renewal page, and other online services for licensees, have been made or are planned for the near future. They include:

  • Giving licensees the option of having the renewal notice emailed to them instead of having it sent via regular mail. The Board began offering this service in December. If you select electronic notification, the Board will send you an email about 60 days before your license is due for renewal. The email message will include a link to the online renewal Web page.

  • Allowing MDs, DOs and PAs to update their online practitioner profiles, including current practice contact information, at any time. Up until now your profile has been updated once a year when you renew your license or if you notify the Board of a change.

  • Modifying the CME page for PAs. Once the Board has made the changes, PAs will be able to see the complete two-year CME block and quickly determine how many hours have been entered.

  • Redesigning the NCMB Web site to help licensees and other visitors get to the information they are seeking faster. For example, the redesigned Home page may feature a “Quick Link” that takes licensees directly to the renewal page.

  • The Board’s quarterly newsletter, The Forum, will be distributed electronically. When a new issue is available, licensees will be notified via email. Please be sure to provide the correct email address when you renew your license. Licensees who prefer to receive a paper copy of the Forum may opt out of email notification.

The NCMB strives to serve its licensees as efficiently as possible. Please take the time to complete a short survey after renewing your license online. This survey provides the Board with feedback on your renewal experience. The final survey question allows licensees to provide the Board with comments and ideas to improve our service. The NCMB has received many helpful suggestions. Please keep them coming!
May 2009: Renewals go online
Beginning in May, all licensees must renew online. Here’s how to do it:
      The Board will mail or email a renewal notice to you that will include a unique file ID#. You’ll use the file ID# and your birthdate to log in to the appropriate renewal page from the Board’s web site at

      Before you renew, be sure to have CME information ready to enter and be prepared to pay your renewal fee by credit card (Visa/Mastercard).

      After you complete the renewal process, your receipt and renewal certificate will be emailed to you.
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