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Feb 8 2012

Need an Intent to Practice acknowledgement letter?

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Over the past few months, the Board has received a large number of requests for copies of physician assistant Intent to Practice acknowledgement letters. These requests are the result of the need to provide evidence of the physician assistant/ supervising physician relationship for various credentialing purposes, including participation in federal programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.

When a physician assistant completes the Board’s online Intent to Practice (“ITP”) form, which establishes a physician assistant/supervising physician relationship, an acknowledgement letter confirming that relationship is sent to the primary supervising physician; a copy of the letter is also mailed to the physician assistant. It is the physician assistant’s responsibility to keep a copy of the acknowledgement letter at all places where the physician assistant practices. Since instituting the online ITP process, the Board has not maintained copies of the acknowledgement letters and, thus, is unable to provide additional copies. Requests for copies of ITP letters will not be processed.


The information provided on the Board’s website may serve as an official confirmation of the physician assistant/supervising physician relationship. For example, if the Board’s website indicates that a physician assistant is currently being supervised by a particular physician, that indication is an official acknowledgement from the Board of that particular physician assistant/supervising physician relationship. The Board advises anyone not in possession of a written acknowledgement letter to use the information from the website in its place. To find information about a particular physician assistant’s supervisory relationship, enter the physician assistant’s name using the “Look Up a Licensee” tool available on this website. To enter a name, click on “Look Up a Licensee” in the green Quick Links box on the right side of the Home Page.

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