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Aug 28 2014

Update your licensee information page with a photo

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Log in to your Licensee Information page to upload your picture. Visit and select Update Licensee Info Page from the green Quick Links box at the right of the home page to log in. Photos submitted for inclusion on the licensee information page must comply with the following guidelines. The NCMB reserves the right not to post photographs that do not meet guidelines.

1. The photo should be a color head shot (head, neck and shoulders in frame) that is in focus. The individual pictured should not be wearing sunglasses, a hat or any other item that obscures the face or alters his or her normal appearance.

2. The licensee should be the only individual in the photograph. The licensee should be looking straight ahead, with both eyes open and a natural facial expression.

3. The licensee should be in professional dress equivalent to his or her everyday attire for work in a clinical setting.

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