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Oct 29 2022

Updated information on licensee obligation to sign death certificates

NCMB has updated a frequently-requested article it published regarding the clinician obligation to sign death certificates. NCMB continues to hear from families and funeral professionals who experience difficulty getting a death certificate properly completed and signed in a timely manner. It is the Board’s view that licensees should complete death certificates, if requested, as a final service to patients and their families.


NCMB is aware that some licensees, especially those in private practice, have had difficulty registering for and using the state’s online death registration portal, the NC Database for Vital Events (NC DAVE). NCMB will continue to work with NC Vital Records and share information as we receive it.

To register for NC DAVE visit THIS PAGE. You will be prompted to enter your practice name. If your practice name is not in the system, email Vital Records at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to request that your practice to be added and try again.