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Aug 8 2019

CME pilot seeks to simplify tracking and reporting of hours

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NCMB is one of just three state medical boards participating in a pilot project that allows numerous accredited CME providers to automatically report clinicians’ earned credit hours to regulators and specialty boards.

The yearlong pilot overseen by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) seeks to reduce the administrative burden of complying with continuing medical education (CME) requirements and/or participating in specialty board Maintenance of Licensure programs. When a licensee completes an accredited CME activity from one of the participating CME providers, he or she may be asked to provide information such as state license number or national provider identifier (NPI), name, birth day and month. This information will enable ACCME’s CME system to automatically share information about credits earned with participating boards.

So far, NCMB and the medical boards in Maine and Tennessee are the only state boards set up to receive e-reporting from CME providers through the ACCME pilot project. After one year, ACCME will assess the feasibility and value of continuing e-reporting, and may seek to expand the program to include an even broader range of CME providers.

NCMB is pleased to offer licensees who use these CME providers the convenience of having credit hours automatically reported. Physicians and PAs should recall, however, that e-reporting has only been in place since January 1, 2019. NCMB will not receive electronic confirmation of CME credits completed before this date, so licensees are responsible for maintaining documentation. Licensees are advised to retain CME records for six years, so they may be prepared to provide documentation if randomly selected by NCMB for a CME compliance audit.

Questions? Contact Malinda Sink at or 919-326-1109 x231.

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