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Aug 4 2010

DEA rules allow e-prescribing of controlled substances

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration now provides registered prescribers with the option of issuing prescriptions for controlled substances electronically, pursuant to federal rules that took effect June 1.

The new rules also permit pharmacies to receive, dispense and archive these electronic prescriptions. Rules regarding the electronic prescribing of controlled substances are an addition to, not a replacement of, existing rules pertaining to the prescribing of controlled substances. Prescribers who wish to continue to issue paper prescriptions for controlled substances may do so. The new rules simply provide those who want to use modern technology for controlled substance prescriptions with a framework for doing so while maintaining the closed system of controls on these prescriptions.

The NCMB encourages authorized prescribers who are interested in e-prescribing and controlled substances to educate themselves about the new rules. Please note that the rules were issued by the federal government. The NCMB is not able to answer questions about them. The DEA’s Office of Drug Diversion has established a website that provide information and resources on the new rules at

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