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Nov 18 2016

Getting to know the people of the NC Medical Board - Eleanor E. Greene, MD, MPH

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OB/GYN | Triad Women's Health and Wellness Center, High Point | Appointed 2010 | Board President

Q: What do you wish the public or other medical professionals understood about the Board?
A: Many licensees and members of the public still do not have a great understanding of the Board and how it works. Some licensees see the Board as an adversary. And members of the public often think we can intervene in areas that we have no authority over. NCMB has made great strides, especially in the past few years, in its efforts to educate the public as well as licensees about the Board, but we need to do more to educate patients and licensees.

Q: What do you do to recharge/prevent burnout?
A: After practicing for more than 25 years, I took a serious look at my life and decided it was time to refocus my personal life and practice based on well­ness of mind, body and spirit. I realized I had to take my own advice and adhere to a heathier lifestyle, including getting reg­ular exercise, making healthier choices in eating, taking time to relax and getting more restful sleep. I also take regu­lar vacations and spend more time with my fami­ly. I think had I not done those things, I could easily have fallen victim to burnout and my health would be jeopardized. Doctors are human and we need to pay more attention to our bodies' signals that we are stressed or weary, and make a change.

Q: What do you like to do in your leisure time?
A: I am currently redecorating my home of 20 years. It has been fun. I cannot believe the years flew by so quickly. I am also helping my husband restore an old historic barn on our property.

Q: What advice would you give to someone entering the medical profession?
A: I would advise them to expect and embrace change, as the field of medicine is always evolving. I would tell them that their flexibility and attitude toward change will determine their happiness and satisfaction in the profession and with life in general. I would tell them that they should not become discouraged when they hear some practitioners lament that the practice of medicine is not like it used to be. That statement is true - it's not. But if you are choosing this profession to serve the public and your profession, there will be many rewarding days that will let you know that you are on the right path.

Q: Who inspires you?
A: To name a few, my mother Pearl Wilson, my Aunt Christine, President Barack Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt. I would say my mother was most inspiring to me. She was so loving, so kind, so wise, and so strong. The older I grew, the more she inspired me. She had so little, but gave so much to her family, community, church and others.

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I think Dr. Greene is so right in having a balance to life and particularly so as a physician. We have so many things to keep in mind regarding others since we care for their physical and mental health. To do so with the care, compassion, and knowledge needed, our lives also require that same approach.
Barry Ostrow

By Barry Ostrow, MD on Nov 20, 2016 at 4:29pm
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