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Feb 28 2014

NC Vital Records offers free training on new death certificate form

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Effective Jan. 1, physicians and others who complete death certificates in North Carolina have been using a new form to certify the deaths of patients who die from natural causes. The new form differs from the previously used death certificate in important ways, and the NC Department of Vital Records wants physicians and authorized physician assistants and nurse practitioners who certify causes of death to know how to use it.

Vital Records, the NC Division of Public Health branch that registers and maintains records of NC births, deaths, marriages and certain other events, has created an online guide to the new form for use by clinicians. The online training covers items on the new death certificate form that have either changed or are new. Log in with user ID “vrdeath” and password “death” to gain access to the guide (do not use quotation marks when entering user name and password). After logging in, physicians and other certifiers should click on the “Medical Certifiers” tab to review guidance on the new form. Clinicians who still have questions after viewing the online information may contact Sharon Montour at Vital Records via email, or by
telephone at 919-792-5818.

Vital Records staff members are also available to conduct on-site training sessions for group practices or hospital medical staff. To schedule a workshop or lunch-and-learn session on the new death certificate form, contact Tamma Hill at, or by telephone at 919-792-5832.

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