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Jan 2 2020

New law requires licensees to report sexual misconduct, prescribing issues

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Recent changes to the NC Medical Practice Act establish a new requirement for licensees to report to NCMB any instances of sexual misconduct or prescribing misconduct by a person licensed by the Board. To assist licensees with fulfilling this obligation, NCMB has created a new reporting form on the Board’s website.

Specifically, licensees are required to report:
1. Any sexual misconduct by a licensee of the Board
2. Any fraudulent prescribing, drug diversion or theft of controlled substances by a licensee of the Board.

Medical professionals need not have definitive evidence of misconduct to make a report. The law specifies that licensed medical professionals should submit a report if they “reasonably believe” that misconduct has occurred. Licensees who report suspected misconduct in good faith are granted civil immunity.

NCMB has developed FAQs on the new reporting requirement and a resource page, found at, where licensees may read the text of the new law and access the new online reporting form.

To learn more about the recent update to NCMB’s authorizing statute, the Medical Practice Act, go to and look up Session Law 2019-19.

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