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Apr 29 2021

Online death registration system moves into next phase

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The NC Office of Vital Records is expanding its new electronic death registration system (EDRS) to 35 additional North Carolina counties, beginning in May. That will bring the total number of counties registering deaths through the system, known as the NC Database Application for Vital Events (NC DAVE), to 62. Find a complete list of counties that will be converting to NC DAVE here, in Groups 2 and 3.

Vital Records wrapped up implementation and training for the state's 27 largest counties, including Durham, Mecklenberg and Wake, in April. Read more about the rollout of NC DAVE in this brochure.

To support medical certifiers in correctly certifying deaths using the electronic system, NC Vital Records has posted several short, competency-based training videos online. These range from six- to eight minutes in length and can be accessed via the medical certifier portion of the NC Vital Records website. Enter username NCDAVE and password NCDEATHS to login. Training videos can be found under “Required Training". Select “Option 2" and then “Virtual Option 2".

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