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Feb 28 2014

Save the date and tell your patients: Drug take-back day set for April 26

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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has scheduled the eighth DEA National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day for Saturday, April 26. On this day, thousands of authorized collection sites across the country will accept unneeded and expired prescription medications, including controlled substances, for safe and legal disposal. Since 2010, DEA’s Take-Back Day initiative has collected 3.4 million pounds of prescription medications, helping to prevent diversion, misuse and abuse of these drugs.

DEA is in the process of arranging collection sites for the April 26 Take-Back Day now. As the day of the event draws closer, the DEA website will offer an online tool that lets visitors find an authorized drug collection location near them.

Patients often wonder what to do with unused, unneeded and expired medications. Encourage them to get rid of them the right way by dropping them off for proper disposal on April 26.

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