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Aug 27 2021

State Health Director calls for NC to boost COVID vaccination rates now

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Image for State Health Director calls for NC to boost COVID vaccination rates now The August episode of NCMB's podcast, MedBoard Matters, features State Health Director and NC DHHS Chief Medical Officer Betsey Tilson, MD. Dr. Tilson directly appeals to North Carolina physicians and PAs, saying our state must increase its COVID-19 vaccination rates now, while the vaccines currently available are still effective against the virus. NC currently lags behind the national average for COVID-19 vaccination, with about 62 percent of eligible state residents having received at least one dose.

Dr. Tilson focuses on two main ways medical professionals can help. First, consider becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider if your practice is not already offering the vaccine (Dr. Tilson says the registration process has gotten much easier). In addition, the NC Department of Health and Human Services is asking clinicians to do what many have been doing for some time now - encouraging the patients they see in clinic to protect themselves from COVID-19 by getting inoculated.

Click here to hear Dr. Tilson's reasoning for why North Carolina must act now and learn about resources to help you do your part.

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